Zak Fennie

Singer, Songwriter, and Performing Artist

Half Measures

Photo by Joshua Platt

Photo by Joshua Platt

Half measures

A reminder to go all the way. A message to always give one hundred percent. Be yourself, your full self, all the time.

Music is a creative power that allows one to reveal all of themselves. Half Measures is Zak Fennie’s exploration into the depths of himself; reminiscing about times gone by and yearning for a hopeful future. The name itself inspires Zak to remember who he is, where he came from and where he is going.

Releasing the debut EP, “Kids Ride Bikes”, Zak has recreated himself. He doesn’t confine himself to genres or musical styles. Half Measures encourages artistic freedom. Breaking free of the known entity, Zak has burst onto the scene with a fresh, energized sound embodying darkness and the light; elation and depression; the full spectrum.

“Kids Ride Bikes” harkens back to the days of growing up. The times spent wandering through life with your head in the clouds, not worrying about tomorrow or the future. It also touches on where we are now, where society is heading and how we feel about it. “Kids Ride Bikes” describes himself and everyone.

The Napa Valley epitomizes class, luxury, decadence but also has an underbelly of youths struggling to find themselves – looking for an outlet, hoping for their next excitement. Zak calls Napa home; he has lived the life of busking on the street and he has performed at the finest wineries in the Valley. He has lived both sides, and these experiences have shaped Half Measures.

Teaming up with fellow Napa-native SAVEGABE, Zak’s first release as Half Measures includes hot production and a very fresh take on Zak’s distinct sound. The debut single, “Kids”, has been described as love letter to lost youth. From brooding indie pop to hip-hop influenced blast beats, the EP “Kids Ride Bikes” flows like fine wine.

Witness Half Measures live this fall, touring the west coast. Follow Half Measures @halfmeasuresmusic on social media. Listen to Half Measures on Spotify.





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